ketosis frustrated womanHaving trouble getting into or staying in ketosis? Well, let me preface this by saying there is soooo much misinformation about ketosis online, that there are many reasons why you might have trouble through no lack of effort on your part. Here are what I consider would have been the most useful tips someone could have provided me to skip past a ton of struggle with this process.

1) Make sure to pick up ketosis test strips and use them daily.. they will be your only true guide for what is and isn’t working (if you’re low or bumped out of ketosis, analyze what you ate the day before).

2) Not all sugar alcohols are equal. Many of the ketosis-based diets out there claim that sugar alcohol doesn’t affect ketosis. That’s not true. Most of them will impact ketosis, and to varying degrees (not nearly as much as regular sugar, but enough to screw with your efforts, especially in volume). There are some interesting articles about that here and here. The bottom line is that if you don’t want to test them each by trial and error with your test strips, just stick to erythritol.

3) 10 grams? Not really. There are carbs in pretty much EVERYTHING… and if you are counting them, and trying to stay under 10g a day, odds are you are missing things. It is very hard to find out what’s in every marinade, spice, cooking medium unless you are preparing every meal yourself, and those can have a surprisingly large amount of carbohydrates. TRUST NO ONE. My advice is to forget about 10g and do your best to get as close to zero as you possibly can. Cultured foods can be your friend here, as aside from your proteins & cheeses, it is difficult to find zero net carb staples. Zero net carb pickles & sauerkraut can be found without too much trouble, as well as green olives.

4) MCT Oil. Medium Chain Triglcyeride oil absorbs into the body more easily.. which means it provides great energy and less easily becomes body fat. It also means that your system will more quickly adopt fat as it’s fuel source when trying to break into ketosis. As a not so minor side effect, it’s also a great appetite suppressant. Read more about MCT oil here, and can order it here.