This website is a compilation of ONLY ZERO CARB RECIPES, PRODUCTS, AND SNACKS, and was born out of frustration from a lack of any decent resource online.. Everything is either low carb, called zero or low carb (but not really), or only has one or two items to offer. This is a resource years in the making, including a good enough range of truly zero net carb ready made snacks, my own zero net carb recipes (if there are decent ones elsewhere I’ll post them as well, promise), and some condiments/ingredients that can make otherwise plain/repetitive proteins rock.

keto diet weight lossThis site is for everyone, who like me, is tired of mining for tiny nuggets of true information online, or wishes to bypass all the trial and error in creating legitimately delicious, no-carb recipes.

For those of you that are just starting your journey with a ketogenic diet, it is an exciting process, and can become a way of living that will get you lean and healthy at whichever stage in your life, while still getting to eat rich, delicious food in good quantities. Personally I lost over 150 pounds over 4 years, and to date, the only carbohydrates I eat are from very low carb vegetables (like brocolli, bok choy, cucumber, celery, hearts of palm, celery, and iceburg lettuce). I won’t bore you all here with my personal story, but have more about that here and will answer anyone’s questions about my personal experience with the no net carb, ketogenic lifestyle in the comments section of that page.. for questions about the products and recipes, please comment on those pages directly.

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Mindset For Success

Albeit an effective one, a zero net carb diet is just a tool. Your mindset and motivation is what will dictate its impact and longevity. Everyone wants to know the secret for sticking with a diet long term.. the answer is that, by definition, there IS NO long term diet. If you are anything like me, will have to decide on your own code to eat by (permanently), and identify as the sort of person who takes care of themselves, rather than immediately satisfying every animal impulse to eat whatever they want, whenever they want. So how is that accomplished?

stuffing carbohydratesChange your motivation for eating. Just like the AA people say.. focus on one day at a time. Forget about the weight, and take a few minutes every day to give yourself credit for whatever small improvements you made… today. If you are a spiritual person, I’ve found it helps to have faith that the future can keep getting better if we let it.. release it, and the illusion of controlling the outcomes of everything, entirely. This game is won in inches (pun not intended), and if you do just a tiny bit better every day, and focus on the good feeling from making progress, you will begin to change your relationship with food.. and wake up one day very far from where you started. Be kind to yourself when you mess up, and remember you have another decision right in front of you, and you can make that one you are happy about instead of dwelling on the previous one/s. The bottom line is that if we change our motivation for eating to a positive one.. ie feeling better about ourselves, we can take joy in our health & pride in our way of living.

Make a routine. Let me just say.. I always HATED anything routine. But, if you want to make this waaaaay easier, and find freedom from the constant “should I, shouldn’t I” war in your head, this is key. I can honestly tell you that where maybe 60% of my thoughts were food related every day, they are now 20%..and the relief is enormous (not to mention the increase in productivity). When you make a plan and stick to it.. slowly but surely you stop thinking about options.. that is just what you do. So for example, if you fill your fridge with zero carb ingredients, stop eating out on your own, and eat every day at 9am, 12pm and 7pm..  after awhile, you just stop thinking about food in between 9am, 12pm and 7pm.. because food just isn’t an option between those times, and the routine takes over. It took several months for that to really kick in for me.. but now this way of life is really easy, feels like I get the benefits without even trying. By the way, for those of you that have trouble sleeping, routine works wonders for similar reasons…


Supporting this website – If you appreciate the information compiled here, as well as the time and expense that is required to share it, the links provided to purchase the zero carb ingredients, snacks etc from Amazon send me a small commission (you do not pay any more for them, Amazon pays from their end). If there is a cheaper option than Amazon that I am aware of, that link will also be provided.